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Established in 1976, Glover-Hill Inc., Mechanical Contractors has vast experience as a TSSA certified power pressure piping and fuel oils piping contractor. The companyís skilled background in cogeneration, power plants and steam distribution pipeline installation projects has earned Glover-Hill recognition as a leader in a highly specialized field.

Water and Waste Water Treatment has been Glover-Hillís primary focus in recent years while continuing to maintain a strong presence in other sectors of the construction industry.

Glover-Hill provides a complete range of plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning services on commercial and institutional projects. Our experience includes hospital, medical, gas and laboratory installations where attention to detail and safety are of paramount importance.

Process piping in large manufacturing facilities, including air, high pressure steam and gas are common assignments for Glover-Hill. Our background includes specialized installations in the automotive industry such as stainless steel paint and process piping systems.



Glover-Hill aims to uphold our achieved status in the construction industry as a capable and conscientious provider of professional workmanship. While maintaining a reliable and proficient service in a safe and well-organized environment, Glover-Hill strives to approach projects with innovative skillfulness based on quality tradesmanship and leading edge thought in order to experience continued success in an evolving field.

  • Canadian Construction Association
  • Mechanical Trades Association
  • London District Construction Association
  • Barrie Construction Association (BCA)
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    Glover-Hill Inc. Mechanical Contractors is committed to promoting highly skilled tradesmanship and recognizes the trades as the key to success in the industry.

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